Based in east Saxony since 1932

Linke Fruchtsäfte is based in the beautiful surroundings of Neugersdorf, in the state of Saxony in eastern Germany, close the Czech border. The original company was founded by Karl Geissler in 1932, and acquired and renamed by the Linke family in 1977. In light of continued business growth, the company relocated to an industrial park in 2002. By 2010, production floor space had increased from 1500 sqm to 3000 sqm.

Traditional, sustainable and forward-looking

Always looking to the future, we have invested in generating our own energy through photovoltaic systems and hydrogen fuel cells. We also energize and revitalize our own resources, such as our spring water – which gives the products their exceptional taste.We manufacture fruit juices, nectars and wine in reusable and non-reusable bottles, and in bag-in-box systems. We process more than 2000 metric tons of fruit per year. We have more than 50 individual products. Organic chokeberry (Aronia) juice is one of our specialties. In 2013, we introduced the GRANDLAVIE brand of juices in non-reusable bottles, and the KARL LINKE line of fruit brandies.

We are a successful company with a long history, but we have not lost sight of our origins. We remain committed to quality, attention to detail and traditional skills. You can taste the difference.

Both Regional and International

We supply distributors, hotels and restaurants within Germany and throughout Europe. We also manufacture juices on behalf of other companies, such as Stará Dáma in the Czech Republic, and Aronia Original in Dresden. These products are distributed to more than 23 countries.